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Host gifts that will get you invited back!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

I’m a really good dinner party guest. I am always so appreciative, impressed that anyone has even managed to turn on the oven and cook for me.
~ Lucy Punch

The season of holidays parties has kicked off and you’ll want a good stock of Host/Hostess gifts on hand. Find fun and unique gifts for your holiday hosts at



The Gift Chick’s 2013 Fall/Winter Gift Show Schedule

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Get a head start and have fun with holiday shopping! Catch The Gift Chick at these gift shows this holiday season…


All that Glitters: 12 gifts to make Her smile

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins.  ~ Paris Hilton

This holiday season, get the gifts that will put a smile on any girl’s face. For girls young or old, these shimmery, sparkling, glittery gifts will add a special shine this Christmas.

A girl always has to look like she’s in control. Be prepared for life’s little emergencies. Good things come in mini packages. Measuring just 3.5″ x 2″ x 2,” the Minimergency Kit for Her by Ms. & Mrs. is more compact than a cupcake. And with 16 emergency essentials, you’ll wonder how they all fit inside. Choose from Hot Pink or Silver.

All over hand-beaded OMG wristlets are a perfect fit for your stash of cash and an iPhone, Blackberry or small camera while you spend a night out with the girls. They are both sparkly, functional and fun.

For every girl’s love of Madonna, The Gift Chick has added these so totally vogue Madonna-esque Bangle Charm Bracelets to stock for the holidays! Be the ultimate “Material Girl” and “Express Yourself”!


Haute Halos are the hottest hair fashion accessory of the season. Wear them as bracelets and you will always be prepared to put your hair up in to a pony. Their soft elastic, hand knotted ties are great for your hair. They don’t even give make a ridge in your hair. A great addition to your glitteratti of accessories.

This Rhinestone Boy Short is both cute and comfy and adds a little sparkle to any girls wardrobe. Great for wearing under a skirt or gym short and perfect for dance and gymnastics.

No more spending time and money to look great! Nail Fraud dry nail polish strips are an easier way to have great looking nails! Stay on top of the latest nail polish trends by purchasing Nail Fraud nail polish strips today and see why so many fashionable celebrities are raving about dry nail polish strips. Nail Fraud nail polish strips are so easy to apply you’ll feel like you are cheating on your manicurist. Or better yet, bring a set of Nail Frauds to your favorite salon and after getting a luxurious hand massage and nail shaping, have your manicurist apply Nail Fraud nail strips instead of nail polish! You will receive so many compliments on your fun and sexy nails!

This slim and stylish Parasail Ripple Cosmetic Case slips into any bigger bag, stashing glitter beauty basics with style. You’ll love the big zip pocket inside, and the one on the front is the perfect place to pack those easy-access items—lipgloss, powder, etc. Plus, the whole bag wipes down to clean up any beauty blunder. It is a “must have” for anyone on the go.

For your glitter application brushes and tools, keep them clean and tidy in their very own case. You’ll love how the Canoe Brush Holder stands upright, taking up less counter space, and messy cosmetics are no problem for this wipeable clutch. But if brushes aren’t your bag, this case is perfect for pencils and pens.

These awesome and fantastic Glittertoos kits are sure to entertain children and adults alike for hours! Amazing for sporting events, holidays, slumber parties, birthday parties~pretty much any occasion! Simply apply a bio-hypoallergenic glue to your skin, pour the glitter on, and brush away–and POOF! You’ve got a glitter tattoo!

The Slim Sonic Toothbrush is the first electric, portable toothbrush with a vented mascara-style cap. Now you can smile in a style wherever you are: at the office, after lunch, or before your special night out! Keep those pearly whites sparkling!

Put your Bedside Bling Tray on your night table or dresser. Your rings will love having a cozy place to sleep.

What’s a Glamour girl without swanky portable Compact Mirrors? Always be confident that your glitz and glitter are not a hot mess.

The Gift Chick sets up shop at PAMKA’s Winter Boutique 2011

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

PAMKA’s Winter Boutique returns for a second year with TWO great shopping opportunities!  On the evening of Wednesday, November 30, 2011, the Boutique will be open from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., and on Thursday, December 1st, it will open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. in the Middle School Campus Upper Gym, 201 Valley Road, Montclair NJ.

Over twenty vendors (including the Gift Chick) have been secured, selling high quality merchandise that will appeal to everyone on your shopping list.  There will be housewares, personalized items, jewelry, stationary, plus men’s items and great ideas for teens. Don’t miss this one-stop shopping opportunity, and be sure to bring your friends and neighbors!

GGG Item of the Week: Games & Puzzles

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

It is scientifically proven that games and puzzles are great for learning as well as improving the memory, increasing focus/attention span, and promoting positive social interaction. And everybody can benefit from that! So wake up your brain! has what you need to celebrate National Game & Puzzle Week. With the holidays coming quick around the corner, these gifts can easily extend to those on your gift list, so pay attention.

36 Cube by Think FunHere are The Gift Chick‘s top game and puzzle picks:

  • 36 Cube is a colorful strategy game to play on your own or to compete with friends. How many towers can YOU place? Your goal is to place 36 colored towers onto the puzzle base following two simple rules: there must be one and only one of each colored tower in each row and column, and the towers must fit in the base to form a perfect cube shape with all towers at the same height. Keep trying, see how many towers you can place before YOU get stuck!
  • Sudoku and KenKen. These Japanese number puzzles are great solitary games for exercising your mind and logical thinking. KenKen 4x4Sudoku is a classic combinatorial number-placement puzzle. For more info and to try your hand at it, visit for daily puzzles. KenKen was more recently developed and is an arithmetic style of logic number-placement puzzle. Difficulty increases as the number of boxes increases. If you think KenKen is your game, get free puzzles at
  • 4 DA TXT LUVRS, ?TLK N TXT? Talk-in-Text, by MindWare, is a Talk In Text - The Code Breaking Puzzle Gamefabulous new code-breaking puzzle game, where players race to decode text message teasers using a numeric keypad. Includes 160 challenging puzzles and four “phones” to help players decipher the codes! Though this game may be 2M2H, the fun is 2G2BT. Please play while seated, as we don’t intend to encourage this as a roaming mobile texting game :P
  • Get your think on and expand your vocabulary with good ol’ American Crossword puzzles! Thank goodness these come in a wide range of levels, from easier versions to the renowned super-challenging New York Times Crossword Puzzle. Find a crossword that suits your current level then slowly challenge yourself further.
  • Also an oldie but still a goodie, the classic Pop ‘n Catch™ is excellent for improving eye-hand coordination. Place the pingpong-like ball into the basket, pull the trigger, and watch as the ball catapults out like a cannonball. One person can fire it straight up and then try to scoop it up with the basket. Two people can aim the launchers toward each other and play catch. Made of long-lasting, non-marking polymers. Includes one ball and two launchers.

Pop n Catch by Geo SpaceFiki Football

  • Let’s play some football! With the ongoing NFL football season, you can safely emulate your favorite player/team through the holidays and lead them to the “Tabletop Superbowl” with the Fiki Football. Fiki Football is tabletop football like never before. The Flick It & Kick It is a genuine leather triangle “football” featuring a pro-style pebble surface, laces and stitching.
  • Q-Bitz by MindwareThree different types of visual challenges make Q-bitz the perfect game for multiple playing styles. Round One is all about speed as players race to manipulate their cubes to copy the pattern on the Q-bitz card. The first player to complete the pattern keeps the card. Round Two adds luck to the equation, as players roll their cubes to match the pattern. Round Three really tests brain power, as players must re-create the pattern from memory. Collect the most cards and win!
  • Not only will these classic cards games (as blogged on help keep your brain young with the various abilities they strengthen, but they also promote social interaction, which is also known to help keep the aging brain young.
    • Memory. This popular kids’ card game is famous for it’s memory-boosting abilities.
    • Gin Rummy. Problem-solving skills get a workout with this popular card game that is easy to learn but will always leave you room to grow.
    • Bridge. Find a bridge club or round up several friends who would like to learn to play this game that is considered to be the ultimate in card games.
    • Spades. This card game was invented in the US and has gained more world-wide recognition with its availability online in recent years.
    • Hearts. Easy enough for the whole extended family to play, Hearts is also great for memory and strategy.
  • Be-RhymedBe-Rhymed is the game of Fast Times & Funny Rhymes! Break out this social game to guarantee a successful fun party. Be-Rhymed is a fast pace rhyming game that gives players two minutes to ACT, DRAW, or SPEAK clues in order to get correct guesses from teammates to rack up points. It gives everybody a chance to excel at a category of game play that they may be good at: Drawing, Speaking, or Acting! Be-Rhymed promotes word association skills and creativity in a fast paced wat to keep you thinking and on your toes.

Tips for preventing holiday weight gain

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

And so it begins again — the battle against holiday weight gain!
Thanksgiving is just a few days away so pull out your elastic waistband stretch pants from deep within your closet.  Keep them out because then we have non-stop holidays festivities with family, with friends, with co-workers from now until the New Year.  With all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, honey-baked hams, fruit bread, egg nog, and plethora of desserts being incessantly passed your way, how can you say “No”???  It all just looks so yummy!  Then you find yourself alternating between “No, I just couldn’t.” to “Oh, may be just one bite.” to “I can work this off after the holidays.”  Get a hold of yourself!  Prevent holiday weight gain with these tips below…

Tips for preventing holiday weight gain
From, By Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D.

It’s commonly thought that the typical holiday weight gain is around 5 pounds (2.3 kilograms). In reality, it’s probably less. The catch, though, is that even a small holiday weight gain is seldom lost — adding to the cumulative weight gain that happens over time for most adults. In past blogs we’ve talked about being mindful about holiday eating. Continuing in that spirit, I offer a few additional tips to help you enjoy the season and avoid holiday weight gain:

  • Take it a day at a time. Strive to balance out your calories over the day or at least over a couple of days. If you’ll be consuming extra calories at a social event in the evening, make adjustments earlier in the day. Focus on fruits and veggies, and add some lean protein and high-fiber grains to keep your appetite in check.
  • Spurn the party snacks. Don’t waste your calories mindlessly munching salty or sugary snack foods. Save them for the big event — dinner and dessert.
  • Be selective. Buffets don’t have to be all you can eat. Survey the offerings. What looks too good to pass up? What can you live without? Focus on what you’ll enjoy, not how much you can squeeze on your plate.
  • Decorate your plate. Fill half to three-quarters of your plate with colorful raw veggies, fruits or items that have these as their main ingredient. You know creamy sauces and cheesy toppings are going to add calories, so take smaller portions. Fill the rest of your plate with lean meat, shrimp or other seafood choices.
  • Mind your manners and your portions. At sit-down affairs, graciously sample all foods — for your own experience and to please your host. However, you don’t have to clean your plate to demonstrate your appreciation.
  • Practice discretion. Identify the added calorie culprits, such as cheese or cream sauces and fillings, and discretely move some or all to the side of your plate. You’ll still get the flavor just not all the unnecessary calories and fat.
  • Plan for indulgence. If you want to indulge in a homemade holiday treat or luscious dessert, ask yourself what you’re willing to give up in exchange — something at lunch or dinner, or your afternoon snack? Or are willing to put in the extra time at the gym?

How are you balancing your holiday food fun? Are you successfully navigating the season and avoiding the dreaded holiday weight gain? Share your tips.

GGG Items of the Week: Holiday Purses and Bags

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

One of the essential accessories of the modern woman is the perfect purse for every occasion. For this 2010 holiday season, GottaGreatGift and the Gift Chick bring to you an assortment of must-have purses and bags, each of which are sure to complete a fashionable ensemble whether you are off to a home dinner party, a holiday gala, a evening charity event, or just on a casual outing with friends. A great gift for the women in your life, here are just a few of the Gift Chick’s faves:

  1. Appropriate for the young and young-at-heart is the Nail Studded Clutch Purse from Urban Expressions. Available in both a basic solid black or solid white with silver studs, this trendy clutch has just enough holiday glitz to add glamour to your Little Black (really any color will do) Dress. A chain handle and wristband are included for more versatility.
  2. Sequined wristlets are guaranteed to add pizzaz to your outfit. It’s the perfect size to tote just the essentials for a night out – cellphone, lipstick, compact, and cash/credit cards. GottaGreatGift carries these snazzy wristlets in baby blue and powder pink. With purses this fun, how can anyone mistake you for a dull wallflower?
  3. I ♥ the Beaded wristlets! This Beaded Heart Large Coin Purse from KC Malhan is so vertaile. It can be used for a night on the town as a cellphone case or to hold money, a credit card and lipstick. These beaded wristlets also come in black with a white peace sign or black with a pink peace sign.
  4. These shiny Peace wristlets have such the glam vibe and are perfect for any age, any occasion. Big enough to carry your outing essentials but small enough to keep its cute and dainty appeal. Available in classy colors of pewter, silver, and black, the Peace Sign Wristlet from Rockin Robin cinches towards a small silver peace ornament at the wristband.
  5. The holiday season is all about giving thanks to what we have and celebrating peace. What better way to show your peaceful spirit than with Peace sling bags? Also from Rockin Robin, this hip Peace bag slings cross-body. The leather strap and studded peace sign make a huge fashion statement. Also available in Gray with white studded peace symbol.
  6. peace sling bag

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