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Essential bags and totes for Summer

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Summer is just around the corner. Spring has allowed us time to wake up from our Winter slumber and now we are running out and about in the terrific Summer weather. With all this gallivanting around, we need stylish yet reliable bags and totes to carry our Summer essentials. Perfect for traveling, the beach and pool, the parks, shopping, sleepover parties, and Camp!

More often than not, Summer means travel. And if you’ll be traveling, you’ll want a Travel Case for your cosmetics and toiletries, as well as a Charger Case for all your digital devices. Yeah, you’re on vacation but there’s no way you’re leaving home without your cellphone and iPad!

I don’t know about you but I can’t find anything in my purse after accruing things throughout the day at the Farmer’s Market, the beach, the malls, the nightclubs…! I mean, where are my keys in this little congested purse?!? Fret no more! The Gift Chick has the perfect and stylish Purse Organizer for you!

Chuck the deuce and spread some peace as you meet and greet friends this Summer. And as you turn away, you’ll have them thinking, “She’s so wonderful. And where did she get that great I am Peace bag?!”

Like me, you’re probably planning on spending your whole Summer relaxing near some form of body of water. Whether you’re headed abroad internationally, having a staycation, going to sleepaway camp, or preparing yourself for going to college — What better way to prepare for the rough waters ahead than with trendy waterproof Cosmetic and Toiletry Cases? There’s a style to fit everyone.

Everyone is out of hibernation and dying to flaunt their cutest accessories. Flash your glam style with down-to-earth “peace” of mind by wearing the Peace Purse on your dainty wrist. Great for a night out salsa dancing in Seville!

Is your style more glam rocker? Then snag the Studded Clutch! I think I’ve actually seen ladies be moved to the front of the lines at nightclubs in NYC for this standout accessory.

What’s a girl to do without her favorite accessories?? Jewelry! You make room in your bag especially to fit these pieces! Pack them nicely and securely in a Tiara Jewelry Case and a Gemvelope.

Worst case scenario on a beautiful and far-away trip would be to lose your personal belongings. SPIbelt keeps your cash, keys, and credit cards securely near you at all times in a fashionable yet inconspicuous way! That way, if you lose your luggage, you’ve got the credit cards to buy more clothes. Don’t tell my husband, but sometimes I tip the airlines to do that on purpose.

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